Motivation Poster & My New Newsletter!

When I was in primary school I got REALLY into penpals. I had at least ten and I was writing and receiving letters pretty much every single day. Not surprisingly, this is when my love for stationery started, too! Ads for penpals were usually at the back of kids magazines but I also roped kids I met on holiday into becoming my penpals. Even when everyone was on the internet, I was exchanging snail mail with people I knew online. I loved writing the letters and making my own envelopes, adding stickers and little details. And I LOVED receiving post, too - I still do!

Nowadays I rarely have the time or patience to write proper letters, partly due to being busy and partly because after drawing all day I don't feel like also using my hand to write (plus, I write super slowly). But I still love sending birthday presents to friends in other countries - including lots of little gifts, wrapping them, decorating the box, etc.
It's similar with my Etsy orders, I love making everything cute so that when you open your order it's like receiving a gift!

Why am I telling you all this? Because these were the things I was thinking about when I decided to start my newsletter. I don't want it to be just list of 'news'. I want it to be like sending a letter/present to a friend. With lots of care about the details so that it's really fun to receive and open my emails.
It doesn't have to be one-sided if you don't want it to be - you can email me back with comments, suggestions and questions. After ten years of being an illustrator some things can seem really obvious even when they're not. So don't hesitate sending in your questions and I'll do my best to answer your questions and include a Q&A at the bottom of each newsletter.

In addition to that, I want the newsletter to be about motivation and productivity because I love those topics and many people joined in my '100 Days Of Productivity' challenge which I didn't expect! I think they're useful topics for everyone, whether you have a lot of projects you would love to do or whether you just want to get stuff done efficiently so you can have more time off.

That's why I've illustrated a free printable Motivation Poster for you, wohoo! If you sign up to my newsletter you will be taken to a page with the free downloads, there's both a colour and a b&w (which looks cool on coloured paper, I think) version. I hope you like it and I'm excited to start sending you my newsletters soon!
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