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The days are getting shorter, we're racing towards the end of the year and the urge to hibernate is real! Perhaps not  actual  hibernation but I find myself getting up later (it's just so cozy under the blankets, one more hour can't hurt, right?), skipping things on my to-do list, wasting time scrolling down Instagram and feeling a little more sluggish. It's been a busy year, maybe I should slow down and give myself a break? I think it would be totally fair enough. (And if that's your plan, go for it!)
Problem is, I have a whole bunch of projects and goals and things I really, really want to work on and what will make me happiest is to end the year with a lot of momentum and progress.

So I made the decision yesterday to start a  100 Days Of Productivity  challenge. The idea originally came from the study community on Tumblr: People were posting pictures of their work & workspace every day to hold themselves accountable and stick to good study habits. I find this concept really inspiring and of course it can be applied to anything, not just studying. You can (and should) make your own rules about what you want to accomplish and what productivity means to you. It should be fun!

Do you want to join the challenge? I made a printable chart where we can tick off each day that we've been productive. Yay! I love a good chart. And you can share your progress on social media if you want - I'n planning to post mine on Instagram stories.

My personal goal is to make sure I'm up before 6.30am every day and to stick to my daily to-do list without getting distracted by phone/internet/etc, double my productivity and get as many projects ticked off my list as I can!

You can start this at any time, but if you start with me tomorrow (22nd October 2018), the  100 Days Of Productivity  challenge takes us to the end of January and we will have started 2019 on a roll! Are you in?

Print out the free template  and you're ready to go:  
4 comments on "Freelance Life / 100 Days Of Productivity"
  1. I love it!!!! Thanks for the printable, I'm in! (a little late, but oh well!)

    1. Elizabeth!!! <3 You're not late at all. Anybody can join whenever! xxxx