Exhibition / Isle Of Dogs


At the start of April we went to see the Isle Of Dogs Exhibition at The Store X in London. Like so many other artists and illustrators I know I'm a big fan of Wes Anderson, because, well, he's obviously amazing. His new film (Isle Of Dogs) was finally out at UK cinemas and this exhibition displayed 17 sets from the film and a lot of the puppets. It was incredible and so much bigger than I had ever hoped! Even though it was pretty busy, there was plenty of space for everyone to have a closer look at each set - each one was to detailed and beautiful.

I decided to finally share these pictures (which admittedly I've been meaning to do for weeks!) But hopefully that means most people have seen the film by now and it won't be full of spoilers. Even though the exhibition isn't on any longer, maybe it is fun to see a glimpse of it if you didn't manage to go?