Sketchbook / Mini Twin Portraits

During the past few months I filled a small-sized sketchbook (A6) with what I call 'Twin Portraits'. They're not really portraits and not quite twins, since they're imaginary and intentionally different. I'm obsessed with sketchbooks for just messing around and having fun. Usually they're not themed at all, so this was new for me. I drew most of this in the evenings while watching episodes of Gilmore Girls with James. If you're interested in seeing the whole sketchbook, click on the YouTube video I made:

Cincinnati Magazine Baby Guide / The A to Z Guide

Here are some illustrations I drew for The Baby Guide Cincinnati. You can read it online here. My favourite to draw was the scared pregnant lady with the giant calendar. I didn't know that parental leave is so different from country to county. That's one of the things I love about being an illustrator, you learn new things and interesting facts all the time while getting to draw all sorts of cute things!