Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have a restful Christmas break and joyful celebrations! Thank you for continuing to read my blog, following me on social media, watching my YouTube videos and buying my illustrated wares! You make this all worthwhile. Drawing is fun, but it wouldn't be the same without you. I'm hoping that 2017 will be a little less crazy than 2016 has been, in many ways. Wishing all of you only the best, lots of happiness and inspiration. See you next year!

Shop / 2017 Wall Calendar

The last time I made a wall calendar with my illustrations was back in 2012 and I thought it was about time to do another one! Inktober (a drawing challenge where you do an ink drawing every day of Inktober) is always fun for me because I love doing black and white work. Last October I took this opportunity to put together my colouring book, and this year I decided to make this calender which you can colour! You can also leave it black and white, I think that's pretty, too!

I got it printed on the same wonderful paper as the colouring book, which is smooth and beautiful and most importantly handles both felt tip pens and coloured pencils well without bleeding or looking funny. (Believe me, it was very hard to find a paper with these qualities!) I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and I hope you will love it, too!

It's available here from my Etsy shop (and if you prefer Dawanda, I've made it available there for a limited time, too).

Red Cap Cards / Gold Foil Christmas Cards

 Christmas cards already? I hate to break it to you, but Christmas is only 9 weeks away. Aaaaaaaah! It's freaking me out a little but at the same time I'm excited to share these gold foil Christmas cards with you. The lovely Carrie of Red Cap Cards had the genius idea to turn my black and white illustrations into gold foild cards and they turned out so pretty! And they're even nicer in real life since they're so beautiful and shiny that they are tricky to photograph.

If you want to be organised and get some cards early, I've just added them to my Etsy shop here. Or if you want to carry these cards in your own shop, buy them wholesale directly from Red Cap Cards!

Shop / Anne Of Green Gables

I was originally commissioned to re-imagine the cover of 'Anne Of Green Gables' by Frankie Magazine last year, and it turned out to be one of my favourite illustrations I've ever done. Anne is one of my favourite characters ever and I know I'm not the only one - so I've made this illustration available as a giclee print. It's available here in my Etsy shop! Who are your favourite literary characters?

Shop / A Short Colouring Book Of Nearly Everything

My colouring book! I added it to my Etsy shop a while ago but I haven't blogged about it yet!

Maybe you remember that I drew all the ink illustrations as my  Inktober  project last October. Every single day in October I sat down and made an illustration for this project. I documented the process of inking the drawings as time lapse videos, which you can see here on my YouTube channel!

The reason it took months to get to the finished booklet was that I wanted to get the printing perfect. This was quite a challenge, not many printers seemed to have paper suitable for a colouring book - a paper you can draw on with both colouring pencils and felt tip pens without smudging too much or looking weird. After testing a lot of papers, I finally found the perfect one. Then there were problems with my files not printing correctly and I had to put everything together from scratch a few times. Phew! To be honest, there were several times where I just wanted to give up but I'm glad I didn't. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's available here in my Etsy shop!

So this is the story of why everything took so long, but I think it was worth it and I hope you will enjoy colouring this book! I made a video where you can see some of the inside pages being coloured, it's on my YouTube channel. If you get the book I would love to see how you colour it! Post a picture if you like!

MATS Bootcamp / Vicuñas


I've been taking part in the MATS Bootcamp class over the last five months, because it's always fun to learn new things! For June's assignment we were asked to develop a children's book character that is a vicuña, a relative of the llama which lives in the Andes. It's adorable! To make it my own I took this vicuña out of the Andes and brought it into my own world, where it instantly made friends with cats, ducks and happy children. I ended up with quite a few little illustrations so I'm sharing them here. How has your summer been so far (or winter, if you're on the other side of the globe)?

Shop / Election Collection

Potatoes! I love potatoes and eat them almost every day. Inspired by this deep love, I made an I Vote Potato design last year and uploaded it to my Society6 account. It was more out off silliness than anything else, but it turned out to be the best-selling design in my entire shop!

Since I don't just love potatoes, I decided to develop a whole Election Collection (including a new I Vote Potato design, which I like much better than the old one!). Society6 is a print-on-demand website and they offer a great range of products, so you can get these designs as prints, phone cases, bags, mugs, t-shirts and so much more. What do you vote?

Tracktown / Hand-Lettering and Poster

If you've ever met me, you know that I love to run! It's good advice not to start talking to me about it because I'll never shut up. Also, I'm living proof that you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it: I am a pretty slow runner, but it's one of my favourite things to do!

So when one of my favourite runners, Alexi Pappas, got in touch to ask if I wanted to work on her and Jeremy Teicher's second feature film Tracktown, I was super excited!
Over the weeks that followed, I hand-lettered the title, the opening/closing credits of the film and some related elements, such as the pattern used around the edge of the poster. It was so much fun. Even more so because I loved the film! I think anybody who pursues a dream that people around them can't quite understand will be able to relate to Tracktown. I won't give too much of the story away, but if you're near Eugene, Oregon - go and see the screening on July 5th!

Shop / The Badass Print

The Badass is an illustration I made as part of the MATS bootcamp class. The assignment was based loosely on Tarot cards but I veered off and created my own character, a badass illustrator with a ginger cat sidekick. It was so much fun! The illustration is now available as a professional quality giclee print from my Etsy shop. Meow!

Sketchbook Adventure / Petrie Museum

Last week I took my trusty sketchbook on a trip to the Petrie Museum! London of course has amazing, huge museums and I love them, but they're something so exciting to go to the little ones that perhaps not everybody has heard of. The Petrie Museum is part of UCL and is home to around 80,000 objects from ancient Egypt and Sudan.
It's basically a museum with cabinets over cabinets full of interesting objects, my dream place for drawing! There were so many beautiful, strange and funny things to see. I always like to look out for peculiar and interesting characters. Afterwards I went to the beautiful Gower Street Waterstones just around the corner which has three floors full of books and a great cafe on the ground floor. Can't wait to take my sketchbook on more adventures this summer! Where do you like to take your sketchbook?

EXHIBITION / Hello Kitty & 99 Friends

Hello Kitty & 99 Friends is a group exhibition at PIQ in Grand Central Station in New York. I love Sanrio and I love NYC so I was so excited when I was asked to draw Patty and Jimmy for this show! I thought it would also be fun to share some of the sketchbook drawings I made in the process. Recently I've been sharing a lot of sketchbook work on my Instagram + YouTube and it seems that many people love sketchbooks as much as I do, which makes me happy! If you want to catch the Hello Kitty & 99 friends exhibition, be quick! It's on until May 14th.

Shop / Puppy Love Greeting Card


I have just added this new Puppy Love greeting card to my Etsy Shop
Did you know that I have 42  greeting card designs in my shop for all different occasions? If there's any kind of greeting card you'd like to see, let me know! I'm always interested in new ideas. Have a great weekend!

Petite Louise / Postcard Collection


Another thing I've been meaning to tell you about for a while is this black and white postcard collection which is available exclusively at the lovely Petite Louise shop! I'm so happy to have my work in Richarda's lovely shop, alongside many of my favourite illustrators.

Shop /Fran & Anke Postcard Set


Hurrah! My super illustrator friend Fran and I schemed over tea and cookies and made a limited edition postcard set! It's Love/Friendship themed and there's six different postcards that you can put on your wall or send to all your special friends. It's available here in my Etsy shop.

Glamour Magazine / Max Lip Balm

Do you remember Max the cat, the character I illustrated for the Korean beauty brand Too Cool For School? He looked pretty satisfied to have his own page in the January 2016 issue of German Glamour magazine. And with a true cat friend on the cover!

226plus Magazine / Perspektiven Schenken

Another festive thing I drew last year - this was for the German 226plus Magazine.

Good Magazine / Cover Illustration

I love drawing Christmassy things so I was excited to be asked to do the December cover of Good Magazine again! The year has started very busy and now that I'm getting around to catching up with this blog. Christmas seems ages ago. Especially with this warm winter we're having - some magnolias have started to blossom and there are daffodils everywhere. But one can always dream of tea and cookies with penguins.

Pattern Project / December 2015

Happy New Year! This is my final pattern round-up of the December patterns. Mushroom Girls, Little Santas, Christmas Trees and Little Piglets. As usual they're available here, in my Society6 shop. There won't be weekly patterns in 2016 but I'm planning to keep this blog updated more regularly with new work. Stay tuned!