Cincinnati Magazine Baby Guide / Learning To Give

A while ago I drew a lot of little helpers for the Cincinnati Magazine BabyGuide. It's such a sweet article about small children being natural helpers and how parents can encourage them. I loved drawing so many cute kids! Here's a link to the online version of the magazine.

Pattern Project / August 2015

Time for my round-up of August patterns! All of them are available here. If you're interested in licensing any of the patterns on my blog, please get in touch!

Book / Here Kitty Kitty

Mallory McInnis put together this adorable Here Kitty Kitty book and I'm happy to have three of my cat illustrations included. The little book is full of beautiful cat art by a great selection of illustrators including Flora Chang (cover), Gemma Correll, Audrey Jeanne, Leah Goren, Alison Cole, Nan Lawson, Julia Bereciartu and many more.