Merry Christmas 2015

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S ! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful & relaxing Christmas! Thank you so much for following this little blog and supporting my work. I love to draw and share my work with you!  I'm already excited to return to my desk in the new year and draw up a storm. Until then, stay warm & eat lots of yummy food!

MATS B / Make Art That Sells


This autumn I decided to sign up for the Lilla Rogers MATS B (Make Art That Sells) Class. It's a five week class with a new assignment every Wednesday, to be completed by Sunday. This was great fun and also pretty intense to juggle on top of my other illustration commissions! Every week we learned about a new market. First Paper, then Baby Apparel, Scrapbooking, Editorial and Party Paper. There were interesting interviews with art directors and artists as well as Lilla's weekly review of the assignments. I look forward to doing the Bootcamp class next year as well.

All projects I created during this class are available for licensing, get in touch if you're interested!

Pattern Project / November 2015

Oh my, it's time for my penultimate Pattern Project round-up! Rainbows, skulls, dots and lucky bugs! I will miss this next year but I have an endless list of other projects I've been waiting to get to. Are you making long lists of projects and goals this time of year, too? I'm already excited about 2016!

Mollie Makes / Hold Your Horses

My 'Hold Your Horses' phone case is featured in the German edition of Mollie Makes magazine as part of their holiday gift guide! It's available here:, as well as a lot of other products with my illustrations. 

SHOP / Christmas Coupon

It's that time of year again! My little shop is fully stocked with prints, cards and little gifts. Here's a little coupon for you as a thank you for following and supporting my work! Wishing you all a very cozy Christmas time.

Frankie Magazine / Anne Of Green Gables

After a super busy two months, I'm finally catching up on blog posts! This beautiful issue of Frankie Magazine with the beautiful cover by Monika Forsberg came out a little while ago. Inside you can find my cover for Anne Of Green Gables, one of my all time favourite books! I am forever sad not to have glorious ginger hair and freckles, but at least I get to draw them as much as I want.

Pattern Project / October 2015

It's time for my monthly round-up of patterns! Mushrooms, ferns, pretzels and underpants this month, what a mix. Only eight more patterns until the year is over, eeek! Have a peek here at all 44 patterns I've done this year so far:

Shop / New Postcards

I added 16 new and colourful postcards to my Etsy shop! This range was created for Captain Card, a shop in Potsdam, Germany. Lots of cats, bunnies and peculiar creatures - all of my favourite things to draw! If you're interested in carrying these wholesale that's amazing, simply contact Captain Card directly.
And if there's anything you'd like me to stock in my Etsy shop, let me know and I will try to make it happen. Meow!

Pattern Project / September 2015

It's that time again where I show you all the patterns I made for my Pattern Project last month! They're all available here in my Society6 shop. In other news, I'm participating in Inktober this year, hurrah! You can keep up with those daily illustrations on my Instagram and Facebook. Happy October!

Cincinnati Magazine Baby Guide / Learning To Give

A while ago I drew a lot of little helpers for the Cincinnati Magazine BabyGuide. It's such a sweet article about small children being natural helpers and how parents can encourage them. I loved drawing so many cute kids! Here's a link to the online version of the magazine.

Pattern Project / August 2015

Time for my round-up of August patterns! All of them are available here. If you're interested in licensing any of the patterns on my blog, please get in touch!

Book / Here Kitty Kitty

Mallory McInnis put together this adorable Here Kitty Kitty book and I'm happy to have three of my cat illustrations included. The little book is full of beautiful cat art by a great selection of illustrators including Flora Chang (cover), Gemma Correll, Audrey Jeanne, Leah Goren, Alison Cole, Nan Lawson, Julia Bereciartu and many more.

Pattern Project / July 2015

Here is my round-up of my patterns from July. These patterns have been a great way for me to experiment with colours, shapes and try out new things and I've learned a lot since January. Every August it feels like the year speeds up and suddenly it's Christmas again! But until then I got a few more patterns to make & hopefully sit in the sun a bit and enjoy the rest of the summer.
As always, these patterns are available as prints an on products here in my Society6 shop. And if you're interested in licensing any of my patterns, please get in touch!

Pattern Project / June 2015

Happy July! Summer is here and it is time for my round-up of June's pattern project: Birds, jellyfish, cups of tea and cacti. I went for a little holiday to Germany last month and now that I'm back it's time to water tomatoes and make more patterns!

Pattern Project / May 2015

There were five Fridays in May so here are five new patterns! Spring has been so beautiful that I started to run more again, so this month includes a running-themed pattern. All patterns from this weekly project are available as prints and on products here in my Society6 shop.