Merry Christmas 2013

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time, eating good food, opening presents, being cozy and spending time with loved ones. I'm already excited about 2014 - as always, there will be lots of drawing going on. Thank you for reading this blog!

Films I Watched This Month / November 2013

These are the films I watched in November. Favourites were Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and Catching Fire, even though I cried even more watching it than I was when I read the book. Funnily enough, Paranorman gave me plenty of nightmares and I seem to have watched a lot of very silly films in November.

Learning French / November 2013

Il pleut / It's raining
Elle est américaine / She is American
Il a peur de lui / He is afraid of him

Je voudrais une coupe de cheveux / I would like a haircut
Je voudrais envoyer ce paquet en angleterre / I would like to send this parcel to England

Christmas is approaching fast and I feel like I'm constantly behind on my to-do list! Finally getting around to posting this round-up of my Learning French lessons from the month of November. Which one is your favourite of the month? 

Frankie Magazine / Cover Illustration

One of the most exciting things to happen recently is having my illustration on the cover of the current issue of Frankie Magazine! It came out a while ago in Australia but it's not available in UK shops yet - they always seem to be a couple of issues behind. So I was waiting impatiently to get my copy in the mail! The magazine also comes with a 'Scribble Club' colouring in section featuring amazing work by some of my favourite artists: Irana Douer, Anna Emilia, Jessie Milligan (pictured) and Ana Albero

Society6 / Eight New Designs


This week I re-opened my Society6 shop and stocked it with eight new designs. Each one is now available on hoodies, vests, t-shirts, cushions, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, prints and more.