Learning French / July 2013


Je suis sure que nous nous sommes déjà rencontrées / I am sure that we have met before
Elle a beaucoup d'amis / She has a lot of friends
Il est plus grand que son frère / He is taller than his brother
 Personne ne vient / Nobody is coming

Tablebook Illustrations

In June I illustrated the Tablebook.me team for their new website. It was designed by Shy Studios and you can see the finished site here.

Personal Work / Rabbit, Fish & Cat


Here's some more recent personal work that I hadn't blogged before. Seeing the illustrations together now, I realise they have very similar colour palettes. Which makes them go together quite nicely and gives the impression that they're a little less random than they are...

Leben & Erziehen / Fish

I did some illustrations for the kids' pages in Leben & Erziehen again, which is always great fun! The first one is an illustration for a story and the other two are little puzzles. The magazine is out in Germany now. 

Personal Work / Summer Girls

Here is some personal work I inked last December and finally coloured. My favourite things these days are picnics, drawing outside, going for runs at sunset and having lots of iced coffees. Yay for summer!

Exhibition / Not For Rental

I made a Heavenly Creatures inspired illustration for the Not For Rental exhibition which is currently on until July 13th at 71a Gallery in London. There's some great work by Gemma Correll, Julia Pott and Lilly Piri (as well as loads of other great artists). Check out pictures from the opening here.

Shop / Birthday Coupon

It's my birthday, hurray! To celebrate there's 20% off everything in my Etsy Shop for the entire month! Happy birthday to everyone who also celebrates a July birthday and Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US!

Films I Watched This Month / June 2013

Welcome to a new little feature on my blog - Films I watched this month. My top three favourites this month were Lore (it's absolutely amazing), Heavenly Creatures and Burn After Reading. Which of these films have you seen and which were your favourites? What have you watched this month?