Happy Easter 2013

I hope the Easter Bunny is enjoying a nice big relaxing coffee right now. When you think of it, is job is grossly underrated. Santa gets all the credit for delivering all the presents in a single night. But he has flying reindeers, helping elves and he only has to deliver the presents - the Easter Bunny has to hide them, too! So please, let's take a moment to appreciate his efforts and his logistic genius. Happy Easter!

Learning French / March 2013

C’est juste à côté de ce bâtiment-là. / It’s right next to that building there.
Prenez deux comprimés par jour pendant un mois. / 
Take two pills a day for one month.
Avez-vous de la fièvre? / Do you have a fever?

Elle a installé la télévision a écran plat elle-même. / 
She installed the flat screen television herself.
Je vais faire la grasse matinée. / I’m going to sleep in.

Stay Home Club / Pillow Cases

A little while ago, the lovely Olivia Mew of Stay Home Club asked me to illustrate some pillow cases! Good Night/Bonne Nuit were illustrated especially, Vous Etes Ici and Four Dogs are personal pieces from a while ago. I hope you like them! They're now available from the Stay Home Club online shop. (The beautiful photos are curtesy of Olivia.)

Sketchbook Saturdays / 08

For this Sketchbook Saturday I'm sharing some sketchbook bits from when I first started working on the album artwork for Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt. You'll recognise some bits from the final artwork I posted in the previous two posts. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt / Booklet Artwork

So here's a peek at the booklet artwork for Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt, the CD I blogged about yesterday. The music is beautiful, even if you don't understand German I think you would enjoy it! You can preview all the tracks on Amazon & iTunes.

Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt / Album Artwork

Last year I had the pleasure of illustrating/designing the new album of German singer Diane Weigmann, which was released last month. It's called Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt and is available from Amazon, iTunes and other music stores. Such a wonderful album and it was so much fun to create the artwork for it! (There are lots of illustrations in the booklet as well, I'll save that for the next blog post.)