Merry Christmas 2013

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time, eating good food, opening presents, being cozy and spending time with loved ones. I'm already excited about 2014 - as always, there will be lots of drawing going on. Thank you for reading this blog!

Films I Watched This Month / November 2013

These are the films I watched in November. Favourites were Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and Catching Fire, even though I cried even more watching it than I was when I read the book. Funnily enough, Paranorman gave me plenty of nightmares and I seem to have watched a lot of very silly films in November.

Learning French / November 2013

Il pleut / It's raining
Elle est américaine / She is American
Il a peur de lui / He is afraid of him

Je voudrais une coupe de cheveux / I would like a haircut
Je voudrais envoyer ce paquet en angleterre / I would like to send this parcel to England

Christmas is approaching fast and I feel like I'm constantly behind on my to-do list! Finally getting around to posting this round-up of my Learning French lessons from the month of November. Which one is your favourite of the month? 

Frankie Magazine / Cover Illustration

One of the most exciting things to happen recently is having my illustration on the cover of the current issue of Frankie Magazine! It came out a while ago in Australia but it's not available in UK shops yet - they always seem to be a couple of issues behind. So I was waiting impatiently to get my copy in the mail! The magazine also comes with a 'Scribble Club' colouring in section featuring amazing work by some of my favourite artists: Irana Douer, Anna Emilia, Jessie Milligan (pictured) and Ana Albero

Society6 / Eight New Designs


This week I re-opened my Society6 shop and stocked it with eight new designs. Each one is now available on hoodies, vests, t-shirts, cushions, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, prints and more. 

Learning French / October 2013

Mon écharpe préférée / My favourite scarf
Il n'y a pas de raison de s'inquiéter / There is nothing to worry about
Elle aime le bleu et le jaune / She loves blue and yellow
Mathieu a mangé trop d'épinards / Mathieu has eaten too much spinach

Here's my round-up of Learning French illustrations from October. Remember to eat your spinach (although not too much), wrap up in your favourite scarf and stay healthy this winter! A bientôt!

Films I Watched This Month / October 2013

Here's my list of films I watched in October. Favourites this month were Ghost World and Behind the Candelabra. What films have you watched recently?

Canadian Family Magazine / October 2013


One of my favourite magazines to illustrate for is Canadian Family Magazine so I was excited to do another series of spot illustrations for them! They're in the October 2013 issue, which is out now.

Learning French / September 2013

François est malade / François is sick

Qu'est-ce que tu es en train de faire ? / What are you doing?
Il faut repeindre la cuisine / The kitchen needs to be repainted
Nous aimons les pommes (hommes) / We love apples (men)

I'm not sure how it's October already, but here's the round-up of all the Learning French illustrations from the month of September. It's definitely apple time now and I've been picking apples in the garden and making big batches of chunky apple sauce. Perfect with porridge in the mornings!

Films I Watched This Month / September 2013


This is my list of films I watched in September. My favourites were Stories We Tell and Arrietty (this was my second time watching it though).

St Louis Family Magazine / Poetry

 Here's little illustration which I did for St Louis Family magazine about young teenagers writing poetry. You can find it in the current Fall/Winter 2013 issue.

Films I Watched This Month / August 2013

My list of films I watched is ridiculously short this month, but here it is anyway. I finally saw One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest which was brilliant and I'm also still upset over how sad it was. And I thoroughly enjoyed the insane fashion in Staying Alive (check out James' blog post about the dance instructors amazing jackets). Hopefully there will be less weekends spent working and more time for movie watching in September!

Learning French / August 2013

Dépêche-toi ! Nous sommes en retard ! / Hurry up! We're late!
Nous ne sommes pas liés / We are not related
Elle a beaucoup de sacs / She has a lot of handbags
Bonne nuit et faites de beaux rêves / Good night and sweet dreams
Allons faire des courses aujourd-hui / Let's go shopping today

Here is this month's round-up of Learning French illustrations. If you would like to keep up with them when I post them every Friday, just follow me on Tumblr or Facebook.

Noodoll Monster Illustrations


A little while ago I drew these characters for the Noodoll Monster Making Competition because I thought it would be fun and because I love Noodoll products. I was so excited when I found out I'd won! And even more excited when I got a monster-making kit and some amazing stationery from them in the post. Thank you, Noodoll!

Shop / In The Tree (Again) Print

In The Tree (Again) is finally in my shop! It was inspired by the illustration In The Tree, which I drew back in 2008. It has been one of my most popular images since then and five years have passed so I decided it would be fun to do an 'updated' version. While I was photographing the print for the shop I also filmed a little and put together a mini video. I hope you like it! The print is available from &

Films I Watched This Month / July 2013

It's time for a new Films I Watched This Month! My favourites this time were Stoker, The Hunt and The Bling Ring. Which films have you seen in July?

Learning French / July 2013


Je suis sure que nous nous sommes déjà rencontrées / I am sure that we have met before
Elle a beaucoup d'amis / She has a lot of friends
Il est plus grand que son frère / He is taller than his brother
 Personne ne vient / Nobody is coming