Learning French / November 2012

Il est interdit de conduire aujourd'hui / Driving is forbidden today
Il n'ya pas d'eau chaude / There isn't any hot water 
Laissez-moi vous montrer nos robes / Let me show you our dresses
Pas avant tu ne fasses tes tâches / Not until you do your chores
Quels rideaux préférez-vous? / Which curtains do you prefer?

Personal Work / Snake Plissken

Escape From New York is a pretty boring film, but you've got to love it for the main character's name Snake Plissken, which sounds like a something Pippi Longstocking might make up. And of course his crazy trousers are amazing! Personally, I do feel that two giant cats as his sidekicks would made the story so much better. Maybe there could be a new sequel called "Snake Plissken And The Cats Take Manhattan'?

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Learning French / October 2012


Je ne travaille pas aujourd'hui / I'm not working today
Mon père et moi avons les mêmes goûts pour la musique / 
My father and I have the same taste in music
 Regardez à droite et à gauche / Look to the right and to the left
Ca ne sont pas de bonnes places! / These are not good seats!