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Lately the weather has been a bit miserable - perhaps that's why this drawing was more inspired by snuggly jumpers, love and coziness than by spring. But while it has been raining every single day, the leaves have secretly returned to the trees and it's so green and pretty whenever the sun comes out for a few minutes. Catching A Dream is now available as a print from my Etsy & Dawanda shops.

Pokémon Battle Royale / Nurse Joy

This is my illustration of Nurse Joy for The Pokémon Battle Royale exhibition at Light Grey Art Gallery in Minneapolis. 151 artists drew 151 Pokémon, and then some more artists (including me) drew some of the human characters. All illustrations are available to buy as prints at the gallery. The show runs from April 20th to May 11th.

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ON THE ROOF :: A spring inspired drawing I finished over the Easter holidays. Wouldn't it be great to live in a house where you can hang out on the roof and draw, read or have a nap? (Of course the house would have to be quite small because I'm a little scared of heights.) This illustration is now available as a print in my shops: & / New Website

My new website is finally online! I hope you like it. The portfolio section now includes lots and lots of new work and will be updated on a monthly basis. It was fun to work on the website, but now I'm excited to be spend a lot more time drawing again. Happy April!