Oh Comely / Someone once told me


I drew this illustration for the latest issue of the lovely Oh Comely magazine, as part of the 'Someone once told me' illustration feature. It includes a lot of sensible advice, illustrated by Kate McDevitt, Ben Javens, Sarah Abbot and Sarah Julia Clark
Once when I was very small I drew on my face and got a horrible rash all over my body. For years after, my mum told me not to draw on my face with felt tip pens (even though I wasn't really tempted to repeat this experiment.)
3 comments on "Oh Comely / Someone once told me"
  1. Gorgeous illustration Anke. It's such a mum thing to never let you forget one teeny tiny childhood mistake!

  2. hahaha! your mum gave u a very good advice!! lovely illo as usual! wonderful job!

  3. hihihihi, this is so cute :>