DPI Magazine / Feature

DPI is a lovely design magazine from Taiwan and there is a feature about my work in Issue 152 / December 2011. According to Google Translate (which I know isn't necessarily accurate, so correct me if it's wrong), the magazine is calling me 'The Girl With The Cat's Small Universe'. Not quite as cool as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Lisbeth Salander) or The Girl Who Was On Fire (Katniss Everdeen), but I found it quite amusing.

Time Out NY / Best At-Home Services


My illustration in Issue 841 (December 15-28, 2011) of Time Out New York, accompanying an article about at-home beauty services.

Shop / Looking For Snowdrops Print


LOOKING FOR SNOWDROPS / An illustration of two friends who are about to go for a walk in the forest, to look for the first snow drops. This is a new illustration and a new print in my shops, : Linotte.Etsy.com & Linotte.Dawanda.com

Personal Work / Hand Lettering

This is some hand-lettering I did a while ago. I love playing with typography and lettering, so this was a fun little personal project. It's based on scribbles and notes from my sketchbooks, so it isn't really meant to make a lot of sense - especially since it contains a lot of made-up words...

Personal Work / Little Grump

Every now and then I get a little grumpy. (Then I just have a cup of tea, do some drawing and look at pictures of Angora rabbits. That never fails to cheer me up).

Sketchbook / Cozy Girls

I love all the wonderful layers, scarves and big jumpers we can wear in winter! These are some happy, cozy girls from my sketchbook.

Frankie Magazine / Alphabet

A little while ago I was asked to design my own alphabet for the lovely Frankie Magazine. It's called Perennial and you can find it in the current issue of the magazine.

Shop / Calendars 40% off

Happy 2012, I wish you the happiest year ever! As a little New Year's surprise, my 2012 Calendar is now 40% off. It is available from both my shops: Linotte.Etsy.com and Linotte.Dawanda.com.