Learning French / December 2012

Aimez-vous ce pull? / Do you like this sweater?

 Il ne veut jamais passer l'aspirateur / He never wants to vacuum
Êtes-vous étrangers? / Are you foreigners?
 Je vais arranger les meubles / I'm going to arrange the furniture

I can't believe it's been a whole year of my Learning French illustrations already! These are the December editions. They have become a weekly thing and you can catch them every Friday over on Flickr, Tumblr and Facebook. I look forward to drawing another 52 of them in 2013. Bonne année!

Merry Christmas 2012


I'm so excited to be in the Frankie Magazine calendar again! It's always such a beautifully designed calendar with a wonderful selection of illustrations. This time I'm March. 
The cover was drawn by the amazing Ana Albero. The other contributors are: Emily Martin (The Black Apple), Nancy Mungcal, The Pin Pals. Julianna Swaney, Donna Wilson, Jill Labieniec, Jennifer Davis, Lucy King, Kate Pugsley and Irana Douer. You can find it in the Frankie Online Shop.

Shop / Diane Totebag

I recently designed this Totebag for German singer Diane Weigmann. It's a two colour version of my illustration for the cover of her new album Kein Unbeschriebenes Blatt, which will be released in February 2013. The bag is made of 100% cotton and has lovely long handles so it easily fits over your shoulder, even when wearing a wintercoat. I have a few of these bags available in my Etsy & Dawanda shops.

Learning French / November 2012

Il est interdit de conduire aujourd'hui / Driving is forbidden today
Il n'ya pas d'eau chaude / There isn't any hot water 
Laissez-moi vous montrer nos robes / Let me show you our dresses
Pas avant tu ne fasses tes tâches / Not until you do your chores
Quels rideaux préférez-vous? / Which curtains do you prefer?

Personal Work / Snake Plissken

Escape From New York is a pretty boring film, but you've got to love it for the main character's name Snake Plissken, which sounds like a something Pippi Longstocking might make up. And of course his crazy trousers are amazing! Personally, I do feel that two giant cats as his sidekicks would made the story so much better. Maybe there could be a new sequel called "Snake Plissken And The Cats Take Manhattan'?

Shop / 15% Off

Get 15% off everything in my Etsy Shop until the end of the month. Just enter coupon code COZY15 at the checkout. Each order will come with little surprise extras.

Learning French / October 2012


Je ne travaille pas aujourd'hui / I'm not working today
Mon père et moi avons les mêmes goûts pour la musique / 
My father and I have the same taste in music
 Regardez à droite et à gauche / Look to the right and to the left
Ca ne sont pas de bonnes places! / These are not good seats!

Monoblock / Dog Calendar


Earlier this summer I drew this Jack Russell Terrier for the 2013 Hipster Dogs Calendar by Monoblock. Vik brought some samples over when she came to London last month and they turned out really lovely! Gemma Correll illustrated the wonderful cover. 
The other contributing artists are: Luli Bunny, Colorblok, Leo Espinosa, Ana Sanfelippo, Meg Hunt, Maria Elina, Laura Varsky, Maria Montiel, Farnanda Cohen, Sol Linero and Vik Arrieta. The calendars are available directly from the Monoblock online shop.

Learning French / September 2012

Chaque chambre est équipée d'un accès Internet haut débit / 
Each room is equipped with high-speed internet access
Voyer-vouz une place de parking? / Can you see a parking space?

J'ai besoin d'argent pour le parcmètre / I need money for the parking metre
Eliminons la rougeolle / Eliminate measles
Aidez les chats errants / Help homeless cats

Elle n'utilise jamais les sacs plastique / She never uses plastic bags

Personal Work / Cat-Nap-Lapse

I've really enjoyed making little time-lapses recently, some of which can be found here. James had the idea to combine a time-lapse with an illustration, so he helped me make this little video of a very happy ginger cat and lots of clouds.

Personal Work / Cats and Dogs


These are some cats and dogs I've drawn recently. Some are part of a bigger personal project. Autumn is here and it makes me want to eat a lot of soup, buy lots of woolly jumpers and draw all day. 

Sketchbook Saturdays / 05

Yesterday I went to the German embassy to apply for a new passport (boring...) and then spent part of the afternoon drawing at the British Museum (yay!). It's such a beautiful space to draw in, I think I could probably spend a whole year there and not get bored. I love the cabinets full of strange little objects and sculptures. So much fun. Can't wait to go there again.

Canadian Family Magazine / October 2012


Last month I drew a series of spot illustrations for the lovely Canadian Family magazine. You can find them in the Ages & Stages section of the current (October 2012) issue, which is out now! 

Envelop / More Shoes

I turned the More Shoes illustration into a little collection of cushion covers. There are three different colourways and they are available in three different sizes, too. Have a peek at them in my Envelop Shop to see more.

Shop / More Shoes Print


More Shoes! I don't actually own very many pairs of shoes, but I love drawing them. When drawing characters, I'm always particularly excited to draw their shoes. I drew a similar shoe pattern back in 2009, but I thought it was about time for an update. This illustration is now available as a print from my Etsy & Dawanda shops.

Learning French / August 2012

Est-ce que nous pouvons rester encore une nuit? / Can we stay one more night?
La télévision ne marche pas / The television isn't working

C'est pour combien de personnes? / It's for how many people?

Voici un panier de pain / Here is a basket of bread

Quel est le nom de votre animal de compagnie préféré? / What is the name of your favourite pet?
Nous voudrions retourner ce cadeau! / We would like to return this gift!

Voilà la clé / There is the key
These are my Learning French drawings from the month of August. More to come next month! I'll be posting them on my Flickr as I go along and then at the end of September again on my blog.