Monoblock / Small Darjeeling Notebooks

 The pocket sized Live The Love In Darjeeling notebooks have arrived. The design is the same as the bigger version, but they are lovely and small, perfect for carrying around in your bag. There's a version with lined pages and one with plain pages. Now available from my Etsy and Dawanda shops.

Monoblock / American Pika

This is a new product I illustrated for the lovely Monoblock - a mini notebook with an American Pika on the front. When I researched which endangered animal I could illustrate for this project, I came across the American Pika. He seems like such a happy animal, collecting flowers in the mountains. There's a lovely video of the Pika here. A few of these mini notebooks are now available from my Etsy & Dawanda shops.

Homemakers Magazine / Barking Mad


My illustration in the September issue of the lovely Canadian Homemakers Magazine, illustrating a story by Roberta Staley.

Bitch Magazine / Water Bottle

I finally got the lovely water bottles with my illustrations from Bitch magazine. There's a pink and a green version, with the illustration wrapping around the bottle. They are available in the Bitch Media shop, here.

Shop / Max Lip Balm

A very limited amount of the Max In Pocket Lip Balm is now available in my Etsy shop.

Too Cool For School / New Products

More recent Too Cool For School products with my illustration: Blending Cream BB, Mineral Blending Powder, Max Lip Gloss, Oil Control Primer, Crazy Black Eyeliner, One Day Tatoo Eyebrow and a new small Mirror. 

Envelop / Lavender Club

Lavender Club is a collection of seven pillow/cushion covers which are now available through Envelop. The collection consists of: Sleepy Girl, Cat Girl, Little Pilot, Marta, Pink Lady, Purple Hat and Peculiar Boy.

Hello Handmade / Poster Competition

My poster design for the Hello Handmade competition. It didn't win but it was one of the ten finalists and I really enjoyed doing the hand-lettering.