Too Cool For School / More products

It has been difficult to take photos when the days have been so dark and grey, but I wanted to show a few more Too Cool For School products! Some are new and some aren't - but I only got samples of them recently. They are 1. After School Color Gloss, 2. Cats Eye Liner 3. Virgin Gloss Stick 4. Sienna Pouch 5. Emma Stickers. Waiting for the sun to come out to take some pictures of the pocket perfumes, too.
7 comments on "Too Cool For School / More products"
  1. Really nice! I love the whole range they have (with your illustrations).

  2. and don't they look wonderful?! *sigh

  3. Wow, these look great! Only stumbled across your work a couple of months ago and I just love your illustrations :)

  4. Adore your work, so beautiful and fun (especially little winter friends print)! I'll definitely be back to see more :)