Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas! Thank you for reading my blog throughout the year and leaving so many nice comments. They made my days. This year has been so busy, it's lovely to have a bit of quiet time and relax and plan for 2011. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and aren't stuck in an airport. x

Teiera / Foto Di Gruppo

Foto Di Gruppo is a lovely book of stories inspired by an old school photograph. It was organised/curated by Teiera, a little publishing label by Italian illustrators/comic artists Giulia Sagramola and Christina Spano. It includes work by 34 artists. (The book is in Italian but I originally drew the comic in English). 

NEET Magazine / The Book

NEET Magazine is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with the launch of a book! There are five beautiful covers to choose from, featuring illustrations by Gemma Correll, Kris Atomic, Peggy Wolf, Jordan Grace Owens and little old me. You can also choose between a soft cover and hard cover version. It's available from the NEET website here, just in time for Christmas.