Too Cool For School / New Products #4

1. File / 2. Sun Protection Lip Balm / 3. Mouse Pad / 4. Eye Shadows / 5. Sticky Notes / 6. Eyelid maker / 7. Credit Card Cases / 8. Make-Up Theme Stickers / 9. Love Theme Stickers / 10. School Theme Stickers / 11. Shopping Theme Stickers / 12. Fairytale Theme Stickers / 13. Desk Organiser

This is the last part of the new Too Cool For School products, this time with Max - Sienna's cool cat. He feels happy in his pirate outfit but not so happy that I put make-up on him for one of the stickers. Sorry, Max. I love drawing you.
8 comments on "Too Cool For School / New Products #4"
  1. Congratulations Anke!!! Deine Arbeit ist der Hammer :) :)

  2. Oh, die Sachen sind alle so toll aber die Katze ist der Knaller! :)

  3. these are amazing!
    and indeed very very cool!

  4. die sachen sind wirklich allesamt sper, besonders mag ich aber die sticker!

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! It's so amazing to meet such a successful illustrator! Can I ask how you landed such an amazing opportunity as the Too Cool For School line?

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments! I think Max has just become even more of a self-centered cat.

    M.M.E. - I think it's all down to lots of hard work and a bit of luck! :-)