Too Cool For School / New Products #2

1. Cotton Pads / 2. Brush Pouch / 3. Mascaras / 4. Panda Eye Concealer / 5. Colourful Eyeliner / 6. Eye Design Box / 7. Eye Shadow Palette 

These are the new Too Cool For School products featuring Joey - she's the chic tomboy who loves to take photographs. She has the best eyebrows of all of them. You can see Sienna as well in the last picture, her products will be next.
3 comments on "Too Cool For School / New Products #2"
  1. They're so beautiful! I want to live in Korea so I can buy the whole set.

  2. gar lady i'm so proud of you and oober excited!
    your illustrations look beautiful on that packaging!
    love love love it x

  3. thank you!

    Belinda - if I lived in Korea I would also spend all my money on the amazing stickers & stationery they have over there :D