Mish Mish Mish & Leafy Cat

Mish Mish Mish is a book of cat illustrations, curated by Moncho Ediciones in Argentina. It includes 24 cats drawn by lovely illustrators, including Gemma Correll, Denise Holmes, Astrid Yskout, Matte Stephens, Camilla Engman and many others. I drew "Leafy Cat" for the book.
Thanks to Karoline Rerrie who printed a limited edition of 50 blue "Leafy Cat" screenprints for me, you can now get this kitty from my little shops!
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6 comments on "Mish Mish Mish & Leafy Cat"
  1. I've been seeing bits and pieces from Mish Mish Mish for ages but where can I get a copy?! Love your contribution.

  2. I'm not sure Belinda, it's possible they only sell it in Argentina? May be worth emailing them :-)
    It's a lovely little book.

  3. have you received your copy already, anke?
    i am waiting for mine, as i participated as well.
    they have sent me a little email in june, with a link to the blog and some pictures of the cover of the book.
    i hope i'll receive mine soon.
    i love your cat! looks like the book turned out quite beautiful!

  4. Marmushka, I'm sure you'll get yours too one of these days, mine just arrived two days ago. The book is really lovely, your cat looks gorgeous, too!

  5. looks lovely anke! hopefully can buy a copy from you :)