Too Cool For School / Giveaway

It's time to have a G I V E A W A Y !  For a chance to win one of the above Too Cool For School products, simply comment on this blog entry saying who is your favourite TCFS character - Sienna, Emma, Joey or Max! You can enter the giveaway until 31st August 2010. Four winners will be chosen at random.

UPDATE: Comments are now closed. Because there were so many entries, I decided to give away 6 prizes instead of 4. I have emailed the winners - or, if I couldn't find out your email address I have left a comment on your blog. x

Too Cool For School / New Products #4

1. File / 2. Sun Protection Lip Balm / 3. Mouse Pad / 4. Eye Shadows / 5. Sticky Notes / 6. Eyelid maker / 7. Credit Card Cases / 8. Make-Up Theme Stickers / 9. Love Theme Stickers / 10. School Theme Stickers / 11. Shopping Theme Stickers / 12. Fairytale Theme Stickers / 13. Desk Organiser

This is the last part of the new Too Cool For School products, this time with Max - Sienna's cool cat. He feels happy in his pirate outfit but not so happy that I put make-up on him for one of the stickers. Sorry, Max. I love drawing you.

Too Cool For School / New Products #3

1. Cotton Pads / 2. Folding Mirror / 3. Folding Mirror / 4. Compact Powder / 5. Sun Protection Powder / 6. Eye Pencil / 7. Pearl Powder / 8. Double Mascara / 9. Eye Fixer / 10. Highlighter / 11. Lip Balm / 12. Foundation / 13. Lipstick / 14. Fairytale Powder Pearls

Today it's Sienna's turn, she's the pretty, girly one of the three. She is sort of the leader of the group, and Max is her cat. I love all the dresses I was allowed to invent for her, I wish they were real!

Too Cool For School / New Products #2

1. Cotton Pads / 2. Brush Pouch / 3. Mascaras / 4. Panda Eye Concealer / 5. Colourful Eyeliner / 6. Eye Design Box / 7. Eye Shadow Palette 

These are the new Too Cool For School products featuring Joey - she's the chic tomboy who loves to take photographs. She has the best eyebrows of all of them. You can see Sienna as well in the last picture, her products will be next.

Too Cool For School / New Products #1

1. Jelly Lipgloss / 2. "Hey Mister" Lashcare / 3. Spot Zero Concealer / 4. Cotton Swabs / 5. Cotton Pads / 6. Canvas Eco Bag.

Last week I got a big parcel of samples of the new Too Cool For School products which I did illustrations for earlier this year. Since there are so many of them I've decided to split them up into several posts, so keep an eye out over the next few days!  These are the new products featuring Emma, who is the hippie, nature-loving character. Naturally I envy her for her freckles - and for her excellent bicycle of course.

Monoblock / Notebooks & Placemats

A while ago I had the pleasure to illustrate a limited edition notebook for Monoblock, and some placemats and coasters, too! It's so exciting to see the finished products. I hope you like them, too. I have a few notebooks available from my shops now, &

Mish Mish Mish & Leafy Cat

Mish Mish Mish is a book of cat illustrations, curated by Moncho Ediciones in Argentina. It includes 24 cats drawn by lovely illustrators, including Gemma Correll, Denise Holmes, Astrid Yskout, Matte Stephens, Camilla Engman and many others. I drew "Leafy Cat" for the book.
Thanks to Karoline Rerrie who printed a limited edition of 50 blue "Leafy Cat" screenprints for me, you can now get this kitty from my little shops! &

Bang Art / Horoscope #7

An animal-themed horoscope illustration for the Italian magazine Bang Art.