Popshot Magazine / Baby Catalogue

This is an illustration I did for the current issue of the lovely Popshot Magazine
Spring is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it. Especially the glorious  white and pink blossoming trees and the magnolias. The ladybirds have left their hibernation spots and the little birds are back and building nests. It's getting greener again outside and it makes me so happy, even though I'm mostly watching it from my desk, while drawing lots and lost of new pictures. 
4 comments on "Popshot Magazine / Baby Catalogue"
  1. This is very lovely Anke :)
    Spring is indeed sprung!
    x Rima

  2. Gorgeous illustration. Spring is definately the best time of year! Xx

  3. your work is getting better and better. So good!

  4. what a super image, I love it! And I love Spring too! A cheery time of year!