the Guardian / Dad's Bread and Butter

My illustration accompanied a recipe called "Dad's bread and butter" in the Guardian yesterday.
3 comments on "the Guardian / Dad's Bread and Butter"
  1. simple!
    wish i had a simple breakfast as well.hehe.
    u got some dreamy works.
    nice to find you here,anke.
    warm regards from indonesia.

  2. Hi Anke,

    I made up a little poem when I found your blog...

    Inside I am warm and giddy,
    Because spied have I,
    a blog so pretty.

    Filled with illustrations
    of quaint delight,
    Filling my dreams with quirky men with beards and pants quite tight.

    mmm - clearly i am not a poet, but I do love your work.
    Kind regards

  3. congratulations
    I have just discovered your work via Etsy - I love the wise blue cat you are selling !