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My colouring book! I added it to my Etsy shop a while ago but I haven't blogged about it yet!

Maybe you remember that I drew all the ink illustrations as my  Inktober  project last October. Every single day in October I sat down and made an illustration for this project. I documented the process of inking the drawings as time lapse videos, which you can see here on my YouTube channel!

The reason it took months to get to the finished booklet was that I wanted to get the printing perfect. This was quite a challenge, not many printers seemed to have paper suitable for a colouring book - a paper you can draw on with both colouring pencils and felt tip pens without smudging too much or looking weird. After testing a lot of papers, I finally found the perfect one. Then there were problems with my files not printing correctly and I had to put everything together from scratch a few times. Phew! To be honest, there were several times where I just wanted to give up but I'm glad I didn't. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's available here in my Etsy shop!

So this is the story of why everything took so long, but I think it was worth it and I hope you will enjoy colouring this book! I made a video where you can see some of the inside pages being coloured, it's on my YouTube channel. If you get the book I would love to see how you colour it! Post a picture if you like!

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  1. so so pretty! each illustration is so beautiful, I've just subscribed to you on youtube too!

    Hannah at Hannah Venables / A CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! That makes me so happy <3

  2. i'm so glad you didn't give up, i love my coloring book! now i just need to get a big set of colors like yours...those peachy pinks!!

    1. Thank you, Yelena! It was definitely a learning curve, I'd never had to prepare blacks for print before and I learned that jpg don't work work for black line drawings, even at 600dpi! Luckily the printers were knowledgable and helped me get everything perfect. Phew! <3