6 November 2013

Learning French / October 2013

Mon écharpe préférée / My favourite scarf
Il n'y a pas de raison de s'inquiéter / There is nothing to worry about
Elle aime le bleu et le jaune / She loves blue and yellow
Mathieu a mangé trop d'épinards / Mathieu has eaten too much spinach

Here's my round-up of Learning French illustrations from October. Remember to eat your spinach (although not too much), wrap up in your favourite scarf and stay healthy this winter! A bientôt!


  1. is that a lovely hilary grant hat she has on? :)
    beautiful as always, although if i saw that freaky little man in real life, i would be a little worried!


    1. Ah, I love Hilary Grant! Don't worry, about the freaky little man, it's just three small kids in a costume. But they would be happy to know they scared you. ^____^ xx

    2. oh hahaha i see now the little feet belong to kids!