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In The Tree (Again) is finally in my shop! It was inspired by the illustration In The Tree, which I drew back in 2008. It has been one of my most popular images since then and five years have passed so I decided it would be fun to do an 'updated' version. While I was photographing the print for the shop I also filmed a little and put together a mini video. I hope you like it! The print is available from &

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  1. Excellent illustrator designs collection looking so fantastic video. Please keep it up.....

  2. Too cute, Anke! Would love to sit in the tree with you :) Maybe one day... when we'll meet in person!

    Treehugs, Nela

  3. this is a great idea! i really need to do an updated version of my "elephant dream" painting, which is still my most popular print, even though i did it while still a student and i am *so* over it :)