Learning French / January 2013


Tu envisages d'acheter un smartphone? / Are you planning on buying a smartphone?
Y a-t-il un médecin dans la salle? / Is the a doctor in the room?
Ma fourchette est tombée par terre / My fork fell on the floor
C’était délicieux / It was delicious

I know I probably say this every year, but is it February already? Looks like it's time for a roundup of January's Learning French illustrations. The 50th lesson was Y a-t-il un médecin dans la salle? (Is there a doctor in the room?) and to mark the occasion I decided to make it a double bill with two illustrations. Can't believe I've drawn more than 50 of these already!

In other exciting news, these weekly French lessons have been adopted by the lovely Red Barn Blog who has been running them every Friday since early January. Other places to keep up with the new French illustrations every Friday are my Tumblr and Facebook page. A bientôt!

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