Sketchbook Saturdays / 01


I love, love, love sketchbooks! I'm constantly drawing random little scribbles and ideas in them, it's nice to be a bit messy and just draw without thinking too much about it. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of them and it's strange and funny to look at old ones and see the way I used to think and draw. And I love seeing other people's sketchbooks, it's always so fascinating! From now on I will be sharing something from my sketchbooks every Saturday - I hope you'll enjoy it.

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  1. Inspiring! I like the little arm and hand drawings. They remind me of these ceramic little arm hands that I saw in the egyptian area of the british museum x

  2. so inspiring! Thanks for sharing, I love looking at other peoples sketchbooks too (my own aren't nearly as pretty!).

  3. oh i LOVE sketchbooks too. i have a writing sketchbook, i write poetry and little thoughts and random words in it. maybe i could share it too....

  4. toll! und au jaaaa… ich liebe schmumeln in skizzenbüchern ;o)

    liebes grüßchen von maki

  5. HeiYaHelLo

    Your drawings gnagnagna are so lovely... All I love, exactly, plus the cactus.. I have two baby cactus too..

    And sketchbooks, and just books, gnagnagna.......

    I will soon recieve my new travel book, maybe i will draw some things like that, with a china ink, and a bit of watercolor...

    Anyway, YOURS is lovely :)

    Have a good day !


  6. Aw this is a great idea! I'm the very same about sketchbooks. Absolutely love them and have kept (and dated!) each of mine since as far back as I can remember).