Learning French


Allez par là / Go that way

"On se souvient." / "We remember."

Où est la porte d'embarquement? / Where is the departure gate?

"Combien ça coûte?" / How much does it cost?

"Ma valise est verte" / "My suitcase is green"

'Learning French' has been a little personal project I have been doing since the start of the year. Even though I took French at school I don't remember very much of it, so I'm hoping to learn a little and get better. They are little illustrations/comics of phrases from my little daily French calendar. You can see all the drawings I've done so far, as well as the English translations here on my Flickr page. From now on I'll post monthly round-ups on this blog as well. A bientôt!

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  1. i love this series!!!!
    i want to buy that big cat :D