Learning French / August 2012


Est-ce que nous pouvons rester encore une nuit? / Can we stay one more night?
La télévision ne marche pas / The television isn't working

C'est pour combien de personnes? / It's for how many people?

Voici un panier de pain / Here is a basket of bread

Quel est le nom de votre animal de compagnie préféré? / What is the name of your favourite pet?
Nous voudrions retourner ce cadeau! / We would like to return this gift!

Voilà la clé / There is the key
These are my Learning French drawings from the month of August. More to come next month! I'll be posting them on my Flickr as I go along and then at the end of September again on my blog. 

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  1. c'est magnifique! tres bien dessinee :)

  2. What a clever way to help you learn a language! Lots of clever visual interpretations, too!

    (I think the key monster is a winner.)

  3. hehe these are great! lovely idea :)

  4. Fadil, Catherine and Dawn,
    Thank you for the lovely comments!

  5. I'd love to have this in spanish for my class :)

  6. Hi Anke, I really love your work. Actually I discovered it when I was in New York on vacation 2 years ago, I bought a postcard from you in a Dumbo bookshop. And I am still in love with what you do !
    Bravo pour ses leçons dessinées de français, si tu as besoin d'une (vraie) française pour de nouvelles expressions ou traductions, n'hésite pas !
    June from Paris