Knack Magazine / Interview


Knack Magazine is part of the two-day Futurising event in London. You can read the magazine online here, including a little interview with yours truly. (If it looks familiar then it's because this is an edited version of the interview that first appeared in Pica Pica magazine.)

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  1. Thanks for the plug Anke! Hope you like the way the piece has turned out. Print copies of Pica Pica and Knack are winging their way to you this week (I just bought some more mailers).

  2. congratulations you!!!
    you deserve oober fantastical coverage!
    you're so fabulous! <3

  3. Hi! Thank you for writing about Knack. I love your illustrations, great to have work like that to brighten up the layout. Keep on illustrating, I'll be checking your site for updates :)

    x Kathrin, art director of Knack Magazine (and Pica Pica :)