12 September 2014

225 Plus Magazine / Cinderella

A while ago I worked with the Peter Schmidt Group to create these Cinderella inspired illustrations for 225 Plus Magazine, the customer magazine of the Sal. Oppenheim Bank. It was so much fun and the magazine is really pretty.

8 September 2014

Girls Who Draw / MARINE LIFE Postcard Book

The new Girls Who Draw 'MARINE LIFE' Postcard Books have arrived and are now available from my shops: AnkeWeckmann.Etsy.com & Linotte.Dawanda.com

It contains 22 postcards by 11 illustrators. Contributing artists are: Alexandra Snowdon, Alys Paterson, Belinda Chen, Caroline Pratt, Jane McGuinness, Karoline Rerrie, Kristyna Baczynski, Laura-Kate Chapman, Lee May Foster-Wilson, Ruth Green, Yee Ting Kuit and I. (Cover illustration by Belinda Chen.)

This is a limited edition book so if you need some for Christmas, now is the best time to get them, the books tend to sell out fast. Ahoy!

7 September 2014

Fashion Friday / August 2014

Here's the overdue round-up of my Fashion Friday illustrations from the month of August. If you want to keep up with them on a weekly basis, just like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. 
September is here and every year I feel like the year is almost over. Time seems to speed up and then it's almost Christmas, eek! Lots to draw, draw, draw until then. Happy Autumn!

19 August 2014

Shop / Brand New Cards

Uh-oh, picture overload! I recently launched my own range of 17 brand new greeting cards, I really hope you like them. They're all available in my Etsy shop now.

5 August 2014

Fashion Fridays / July 2014

It's time for my round-up of Fashion Friday illustrations from July. I can't believe I've drawn more than 30 of these already! Time flies when you're having fun... 

10 July 2014

Shop / Red Cap Cards

This spring I illustrated six new cards for the lovely Red Cap Cards, including some same-sex wedding and pet sympathy cards. I hope you like them! They are now available from both my Etsy & Dawanda shops. 
If you own a shop and are interested in ordering wholesale, please contact Red Cap Cards directly. They also have all my other cards in stock!

2 July 2014

Fashion Fridays / June 2014

The calendar tells me it's already time for another Fashion Fridays round-up! Not sure how that's possible but here are my illustrations from the month of June. Stop flying by so fast, summer!

29 June 2014

Leben & Erziehen / Boat Ride

This series of illustrations is in the current issue of  Leben & Erziehen, accompanying a poem about animals taking a boat trip together. I had so much fun drawing this strange group of animals. The magazine is out in Germany now.

12 June 2014

Girls Who Draw / Who Wears The Trousers

I drew these characters as part of a project with Girls Who Draw for an exhibition called Who Wears The Trousers at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. All the characters were installed on movable blocks which you can turn to mix-and-match. I didn't manage to go to the opening because I was so busy with wedding/honeymoon preparations, but luckily Karoline Rerrie took these great pictures! See the wonderful characters she illustrated here on her blog. The exhibition is on until 31st August 2014.