6 April 2014

Fashion Fridays / March 2014

This is my collection of Fashion Friday girls from the month of March. Happy Spring!

4 April 2014

Time Out NY Kids / Camp Guide

A while ago I illustrated the back-ground foliage for this cover of the Time Out NY Kids Camp Guide, which is out now! The wonderful cover photograph is by Jorg Meyer.

6 March 2014

Fashion Fridays / February 2014

Here's my little round-up of Fashion Friday illustrations from February. I'm so happy that spring is here and trees are blossoming everywhere. It's my favourite time of year and I've been taking plenty of drawing breaks to go for nice walks and runs. Happy March, everyone!

3 February 2014

Fashion Fridays / January 2014

With the start of the year I started a new weekly project called Fashion Fridays. I post the illustrations every Friday on Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter. This is January's round-up.
Also, in case you missed it - some of my sketchbooks were featured on Design*Sponge.

27 January 2014

Leben & Erziehen / Piglets

These piglet illustrations are in the current (February) issue of the German magazine Leben & Erziehen. For the kids page, there's always one illustration for a story and two puzzle illustrations, which are always fun to come up with! In one of them you have to pick the clothes the little piglet should wear on a winter's day to stay warm. In the other one you have to find the piglet twins.

25 January 2014

Good Magazine / Cover Illustration

December was definitely a busy month, but I don't understand how I forgot to blog about this illustration I did for the cover of Good Magazine! It was super-fun to draw and as somebody who knew little about Dubai, it was very interesting to research the city. Hannah Evelyn was lucky enough to visit Dubai recently, check out her blog posts about it over at Raisinheart.

2 January 2014

Learning French / December 2013

Elle vient de vendre sa voiture / She has just sold her car
Elle tient de sa mère / She takes after her mother
To as besoin de combien de tomates ? / How many tomatoes do you need?
Nous avons quelques problèmes / We have some problems

This is the final round-up of my Learning French series. There have been 100 French Fridays now and it's time for a new weekly project, starting tomorrow! If you're curious, follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook where I will be posting Fashion Friday every week. Happy New Year!

26 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time, eating good food, opening presents, being cozy and spending time with loved ones. I'm already excited about 2014 - as always, there will be lots of drawing going on. Thank you for reading this blog!

10 December 2013

Films I Watched This Month / November 2013

These are the films I watched in November. Favourites were Jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska and Catching Fire, even though I cried even more watching it than I was when I read the book. Funnily enough, Paranorman gave me plenty of nightmares and I seem to have watched a lot of very silly films in November.

9 December 2013

Learning French / November 2013

Il pleut / It's raining
Elle est américaine / She is American
Il a peur de lui / He is afraid of him

Je voudrais une coupe de cheveux / I would like a haircut
Je voudrais envoyer ce paquet en angleterre / I would like to send this parcel to England

Christmas is approaching fast and I feel like I'm constantly behind on my to-do list! Finally getting around to posting this round-up of my Learning French lessons from the month of November. Which one is your favourite of the month?