2 September 2015

Pattern Project / August 2015

Time for my round-up of August patterns! All of them are available here. If you're interested in licensing any of the patterns on my blog, please get in touch!

Book / Here Kitty Kitty

Mallory McInnis put together this adorable Here Kitty Kitty book and I'm happy to have three of my cat illustrations included. The little book is full of beautiful cat art by a great selection of illustrators including Flora Chang (cover), Gemma Correll, Audrey Jeanne, Leah Goren, Alison Cole, Nan Lawson, Julia Bereciartu and many more.

10 August 2015

Pattern Project / July 2015

Here is my round-up of my patterns from July. These patterns have been a great way for me to experiment with colours, shapes and try out new things and I've learned a lot since January. Every August it feels like the year speeds up and suddenly it's Christmas again! But until then I got a few more patterns to make & hopefully sit in the sun a bit and enjoy the rest of the summer.
As always, these patterns are available as prints an on products here in my Society6 shop. And if you're interested in licensing any of my patterns, please get in touch!

2 July 2015

Pattern Project / June 2015

Happy July! Summer is here and it is time for my round-up of June's pattern project: Birds, jellyfish, cups of tea and cacti. I went for a little holiday to Germany last month and now that I'm back it's time to water tomatoes and make more patterns!

1 June 2015

Pattern Project / May 2015

There were five Fridays in May so here are five new patterns! Spring has been so beautiful that I started to run more again, so this month includes a running-themed pattern. All patterns from this weekly project are available as prints and on products here in my Society6 shop.

17 May 2015

Pattern Project / April 2015

I've been in a bit of a work frenzy so this round-up of my Pattern Project illustrations for April is terribly late! All of these patterns are available here as prints and on various products via my Society6 shop

6 April 2015

Pattern Project / March 2015

It's about time for a round-up of my March patterns! So here they are: Lemon Hats, Mood Swings, Animal Kings and Swirls! All are available as prints and on products here in my Society6 shop!

5 April 2015

Shop Makeover / New Prints

I almost forgot to blog about this, but one of my goals for this year was to completely re-do my Etsy shop from scratch. After a lot of sweat, tears and near nervous breakdowns I finally got it done last month. All products now have new photos, new descriptions (now in English and German) and there are some new products including these prints!
The prints from my shop are now professional quality giclee prints, using K3 Epson inks and fine art Somerset paper. Prices will stay the same but I'm so excited to offer these amazing quality prints! If you would like to purchase them, use coupon code MEOW15 at the checkout for a 15% discount.

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter! It's still pretty cold here so don't forget to wrap up warm if you plan on going for a ride on the flying carrot (or for a nice Sunday walk). The Easter Bunny is excited that his work is done and he's on the way to the Bahamas for a little holiday. Lucky little rabbit! I'll be catching up on drawing and drinking lots of tea instead. 

8 March 2015

Pattern Project / February 2015

Happy March! Spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier, it's my favourite time of year. In all the excitement I almost forgot that it's time for my round-up of February patterns! All of these are available as prints and on products in my Society6 shop.